Enlighten’s 24-week program targets capabilities of top organizations that have overcome challenges within their industry and survive disruption.

As healthcare costs continue to grow, so do consumer expectations. Consumers want reliable healthcare that is easy to use and at a cost they can afford. How is this possible when healthcare providers are currently facing more funding shortfalls than ever and are under a significant amount of pressure to reduce operating cost. Enlighten Operational Excellence has the answer.


Technical setup: 4 Weeks

  • Set up Enlighten

  • Create workflow and telephony data feeds

  • Draft activity list

Construct Phase: 8 Weeks

  • Confirm activity lists

  • Commence training sessions

  • Conduct assessments

    Requires team member engagement
  • Begin using Enlighten

    Requires team member engagement

Change program: 12 Weeks

  • On-the-job coaching

  • Introduce metrics and methodologies

  • Begin using Englighten for daily management

    Requires team member engagement
  • Proactively remove waste

    Requires team member engagement

Post-program support: Ongoing

  • Operational Center of Excellence to provide ongoing support internally

  • Identify and implement continuous improvement opportunities

Gartner Findings

According to an industry study completed by Gartner, CIOs should take caution of what’s ahead. Whether its business turns, acquisitions, cost pressure, or changes in consumer demand, these all have the potential to require a fundamental shift in how enterprises do business.

Gartner’s industry study looked at a subset of healthcare enterprises and categorized them as either Fit or Fragile. Enterprises were categorized as Fit if they were able to survive disruption and come out of a turn stronger than before, whereas enterprises that were categorized as Fragile sustained permanent or structural damage after a turn and were unable to come out stronger when faced with disruption.

The study identified 10 key capabilities that distinguish Fit enterprises from their Fragile counterparts. Financial pressures caused by operating cost pressures and funding shortfalls are the most common cause of disruption for healthcare providers. The most common outcome of this disruption was a negative impact on the enterprises ability to deliver new business initiatives.

Enlighten is the solution. Enlighten’s 24-week program targets the 10 capabilities of top enterprises and can reduce operation cost pressures.

During trying times, enterprises can suffer permanent damage if they aren’t prepared for what’s ahead. How an enterprise deals with, or is prepared to deal with turns and disruption will dictate how that organization succeeds in the future.

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